What makes a beautiful smile? In many ways, the basics of a great smile mirror the principles of yoga. A beautiful smile radiates vitality. Like yoga it’s about proper alignment that can be achieved through orthodontics with tools like Invisalign. And it doesn’t just look good, it functions well too. A healthy mouth depends on the shape of each tooth in relation to the others, its alignment, its bite and its position relative to the lips and tongue. We can also read faces for clues to other kinds of health issues that originate in the oral cavity. A weak chin with a bite misalignment, for example, may contribute to low oxygen intake, headache or neck pain. The telltale signs of sleep apnea–a disruption of breathing during sleep–are often clearly visible on the face. It’s a happy coincidence that well-functioning teeth and good-looking teeth are so intimately connected. When we achieve the best smile we possibly can, it changes our lives, making us more social and increasing the release of endorphins which helps our immune system. Just as yoga tones our body, smiling tones and exercises our facial muscles. And a toned face looks younger! After all, beautiful teeth make us want to smile, and smiling is our best natural vitamin.