Orthodontics – Yonge and Davisville Dentist

Orthodontics has been incorporated into our practice for the past 25 years. As a general dentist Dr. Dana Colson has taken many continuing education courses over the years in order to enhance her knowledge in orthodontics.

Today’s ideal smile is perceived as a wide and broad smile showing not only the front teeth but also pre-molars and molars. We can achieve this look with functional retainers and self-ligating Damon 3 bracket system.

This technology allows light pressure to be used, which surprisingly allows the teeth to move faster. We see our “bracketed” patients once every ten weeks for the first few visits. So many people say to us “I can’t believe the changes that are occurring so quickly and without discomfort. Treatment time is lessened as well. 

Expansion is our goal with very few extractions. It is always healthier to have a wide arch for neuromuscular principles; it enhances better tongue position and allows the lower jaw to have more freedom of movement. An ideal mouth also allows us to maximize our airway volume to prevent snoring and sleep apnea. Proper facial structure including vertical dimension is strived for to allow our facial muscles to not be constricted and eliminating the possibility of grinding and clenching.