Orthodontics – Yonge and Davisville Dentist

Orthodontics has been incorporated into our practice for the past 30+ years. As a general dentist Dr. Dana Colson has taken many continuing education courses over the years in order to enhance her knowledge in orthodontics. She has achieved a Fellowship award from the AACA, American Academy of Clear Aligners. Dana eliminated braces in the practice and has been working with Invisalign technology for over 20 years.
Dana believes in a healthy functional smile enhancing our structural foundation. We are all interconnected.
Today’s ideal smile is embraced as a wide and broad smile showing not only the front teeth but also pre-molars and molars. We can achieve this with Invisalign and some selected functional retainers including the Homeoblock.
Invisalign technology allows light pressure to be used, with removable clear aligners that while wearing does not prevent ease of smiling. We see our Invisalign patients every few months case dependent.
So many people say to us “I can’t believe the changes that are occurring so quickly and without discomfort.” There are no urgencies or emergencies. Children from age 7 onward, also adapt very well to Invisalign. No metal is introduced with this technology.

Expansion is our goal for alignment, not with extractions. It is always healthier to have a wide arch for neuromuscular principles. The goal is to have our patients breathe through their nose and not their mouth. Mouth breathing sets up a cascade of health problems. No child or adult ought to be a mouth breather. Mouth breathing with children inhibits growth and development. We work with Healthy Start for children from the ages of 4-7 years of age or until they have their secondary incisors erupt. Expansion helps minimize mouth breathing, so that you can have better tongue posture and 100% oxygen intake. Healthy byproducts with oxygen intake such as nitric oxide are created with nose breathing rather than 80% oxygen intake by mouth breathing. .
Our orthodontic practice with expansion enhances better tongue position and allows the lower jaw to have more freedom of movement. An ideal mouth also allows us to maximize our airway volume to prevent snoring and sleep apnea. Proper facial structure including vertical dimension is strived for to allow our facial muscles to not be constricted and eliminating the possibility of grinding and clenching.

When we compare our before and after photos our patients are amazed at not only a beautiful smile emerges but also the face is so relaxed and definitely looks more youthful as we do not hold the memory patterns of what looks best. Once the teeth are aligned the face is so much more symmetrical and a joyful smile occurs naturally. Smiles release endorphins for a healthier you.

Signs that your child may be a mouth breather…. all of this can change!
Darkness under eyes. (venous pooling)
A long face
The lips are apart when not talking or eating.
Wanting a drink immediately when waking up.
Tired upon awakening.
Slow to start, lethargic and grumpy in the morning.
Wanting to fall asleep at school
Slow growth
Difficulty to remember and learn
Many colds and sore throat occurrences throughout the year.
Head posture forward to increase oxygen intake….