Invisalign Dentist in Toronto

Our downtown Toronto dental office is proud to offer Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system that allows us to straighten teeth without traditional braces and brackets. Invisalign creates a series of custom fitted removable trays called Aligners which are changed about every  week, progressively straightening, aligning and improving your smile.

The Invisalign Aligners are clear and virtually unnoticeable to those around you.


Although they will notice that you smile more often!


Step 1

Book your complementary consultation.


Step 2

Get to know your treatment plan.


Step 3

Flaunt your smile!


The Benefits are “Clear”:


  • The trays are clear and will not attract attention
  • The trays are removable so they won’t interfere with your lifestyle or your oral hygiene regimen
  • The trays are comfortable as there are no wires or brackets to rub against theinside of your mouth.
  • Properly aligned teeth aid in speech, chewing, gum and bone health.

If you have been avoiding straightening your teeth due to the nature of traditional braces ask us about Invisalign on your next visit.

See what Invisalign® can do for you in seconds!!

NEW! Invisalign® SmileView allows you to see a potential outcome for your smile. Using state of the are technology, you can submit a selfie-and in a matter of seconds the software provides you with a possible Invisalign® treatment outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invisalign® treatment?
Invisalign® is a custom-made set of clear plastic aligners that are comfortable and invisible as compared to traditional braces. If you are looking to straighten your teeth using the latest technology, Invisalign® is your best choice. Invisalign aligners are often called ‘invisible braces’.
What is Invisalign® treatment for?
Patients who can wear the Invisalign aligners for at least 20- 22 hours a day are eligible for Invisalign®. It is also the most recommended treatment for older teenagers and adults.
What is the treatment process?
Custom aligners are created after taking a mould of your teeth which can be used to create a digital scan or by scanning your teeth directly using the latest imaging technology. These scans are used to create your custom aligners. Aligners are shaped such that they apply pressure in the right places to shift the alignment of the teeth. Based on your orthodontist’s recommendation, your aligners might need to be changed every one or two weeks.
How does Invisalign® treatment work?
These 3 easy steps can put you on the path to your brand-new smile.
1. Meet with your doctor and get a sneak peek at your new smile
2. Start transforming your smile right from your first fitting
3. Keep your brand-new smile beautiful
What if I've had braces or other type of dental work?
A significant number of patients who have previously opted for traditional braces have switched to Invisalign® which is a more discrete solution to improve their smile further. The best person to guide you would be your Invisalign provider after the initial consultation. Please make sure to let your provider know of any other dental work you’ve had done.
How will Invisalign® treatment affect my life?
It may take a day or two for your mouth to get the feel of the Invisalign aligners. This depends on person to person and is a temporary effect. Though it is recommended to keep the aligners for 20-22 hours per day for best outcomes, you may remove them for important occasions like weddings, job interviews etc.

However, removing the aligners for the purpose of smoking or using tobacco is a bad idea as the aligner trays get impacted and leads to overall wellness of your mouth and other organs as well.

What happens when I am done with Invisalign® treatment?

Following an invisalign® treatment, the steps to be followed are:

Wear your retainer
Clean your retainer
Schedule regular dental checkups

What can Invisalign® clear aligner help with?
Invisalign® can help with the following problem areas

Crowded teeth
Crooked teeth
Excess overjet
Gaps between teeth
Deep bites

Will teeth move back after Invisalign® treatment?
Yes, your teeth will move back if you do not wear a retainer. Retainers maintain the tension on your teeth to hold them in place after the Invisalign® treatment.
How much does it cost to replace Invisalign® aligner?
There are various options if you lose or damage an aligner. In some cases, your orthodontist can provide you the next set of aligners after conducting a thorough examination. However, in some cases, if your teeth have not moved enough to fit the next set of trays as part of the treatment plan, your orthodontist can get you the same set of aligner trays to continue the course of treatment which can cost around $100.
How long should I wear retainer after Invisalign® treatment?
It is essential to wear the retainer for around 22 hours a day after Invisalign. This should continue for nearly 6 months – for some people, it might be longer than 6 months. After a couple of months of following the above routine, the patient’s teeth will be adjusted to the new alignment. The orthodontist may now suggest the patient put on the retainers only at night.

It is advisable to wear the retainer as long as the duration of the orthodontic treatment or as prescribed by the Orthodontist.

What material are the clear aligners made from?
Invisalign® aligners are usually made from acrylic material or plastic and fit firmly over the patient’s teeth. It is nearly invisible and also does not disrupt normal day-to-day activities.
How often should you replace your retainer?
Retainers last for a couple of years but in case you notice discoloration, distortion, calcium build-up, or there occurs any accidental damage to the retainers, it needs to be replaced or repaired.