Holistic Dental Care

At our Yonge and Davisville dental office we take a holistic approach to dentistry. Our complimentary approach embraces you overall well-being.

For over 25 years our dental practice has been practicing mercury-free dentistry and using bio-compatible materials for our dental restorations.

Our dental office uses Digital x-rays, reducing your radiation exposure significantly. The results are stored digitally reducing the need for film. The nature of digital x-rays also allows us to focus in on areas of concern while they are small and require minimally invasive dental care.

Dentistry and Mindfulness

To listen to Dr. Colson’s interview about mindfulness.
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The use of Ozone Therapy through healOzone™ in our office often allows us to minimize the need for root canal therapy, even when a restoration is needed close to the nerve of the tooth. We aim to remineralize a tooth’s surface rather than use a restoration. This allows us to offer you non-invasive or minimal dentistry while protecting and restoring your teeth.
(Update 2012: more information on the use of Ozone to aid in our practice’s minimally invasive dental philosophy can be found here).


Our holistic approach to your health care encompasses all aspects of our dental practice. Your health and wellbeing are our top priority and areas that Dr. Colson promotes through constantly advancing her knowledge as well as lecturing and teaching others.