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Dr. Dana Colson & Associates Wellness Based Dentistry Toronto Dental Clinic

Ozone Therapy

Dr. Dana Colson & Associates Wellness Based Dentistry Toronto Dental Clinic

The Amazing Application of Ozone in Dentistry

We now have the technology Healozone available in office. This machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment that emits ozone at a concentration of 2100 ppm and at a rate of 615 cc/min. Ozone destroys bacteria, viruses and fungus to prevent loss of tooth structure. This sterilizes and desensitizes our preparations. It helps to minimize the possibility of a root canal when the decay is close to the nerve of the tooth. As a result there will be fewer teeth requiring crowns.

Ozone application is also very helpful when applied to root surfaces of teeth that have begun to de-mineralize. Often the surface can harden after an ozone application and the use of Healozone home care products. The remineralization process can take up to ten weeks, at which time the surface is examined. If the surface is hard, then there is no need for a filling or restoration that would have otherwise been necessary! This is exciting, to be able to offer non-invasive, minimal dentistry.

Holistic medical practitioners are also very excited that we are using ozone to help sterilize the canals of teeth undergoing root canal therapy. Ozone can also be applied to cold sores and apthous ulcers to enhance healing, and stop the blistering of cold sores..

Cost of application ranges from $50.00 – $70.00, which will be submitted to your insurance company; however, not all insurances cover this procedure.

We believe this is an extremely beneficial therapy which, for the first time in dentistry, allows teeth to re-mineralize or heal themselves; thus, preventing discomfort, and decreasing the incidence of root canal procedures.

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