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Dr. Dana Colson & Associates Wellness Based Dentistry Toronto Dental Clinic

Children’s Dental Care

Children’s Dental Care and Kids Days

Please call our office in advance to schedule a time for your kids to visit.

Dr. Dana Colson & Associates Wellness Based Dentistry Toronto Dental Clinic

Introduce your little ones to the Dental Experience in a positive environment. A good time for all!

In our mid town Toronto dental office we thoroughly enjoy the children who are part of our practice. We believe that a child’s first visit to our office is the most important one and therefore we thrive to establish trust between your child, our friendly staff and yourself.

We provide comprehensive dental services for your children’s oral health within our fully equipped Toronto location. We make children feel comfortable on our dental chair by explaining procedures step by step in a fun and child-friendly terms.

Our office is one of the few dental offices in Toronto that focuses on holistic dentistry for over 25 years.

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We employ leading edge technology and biocompatible materials in our dental treatments. This includes mercury-free dentistry, ozone therapy, minimally invasive dentistry, digital X-rays, laser dentistry, micro-air abrasion and orthodontic appliances at the right age for proper face and jaw development.

Our dental team offers special Saturdays throughout the year as “Kids Day”. We provide a supportive environment for children to interact with each other and our compassionate and friendly staff. On these special days we have a clown, balloons, popcorn and treasure chest for a surprise.

We also offer an informative session on nutrition and dental health since maintaining adequate nutrition is directly related to the condition of the oral cavity. This session will also provide the opportunity to discuss preventive measures for a life-time healthy and cavity-free mouths and beautiful smiles. Our goal is to educate the children to make smart and healthy dietary choices. Our belief is that the mouth is the “mirror” to our overall health and well-being. We include oral hygiene instructions at this visit to ensure that children develop and maintain a proper oral hygiene routine that will continue into adulthood.

At the end of the appointment we will hand the kids a diploma to encourage them with proper oral health care. Also their picture will be taken for our “cavity-free wall”. Our aim is to provide a complete and compassionate dental care for all the children and their families who choose our office as their dental home.