Children’s Dental Care

This educational video is provided by University of Toronto Dentistry and intended for new parents and parents of young children and also for anybody responsible for the care of young children. It is intended to answer questions that are most frequently asked regarding a child’s oral health. 

This video will address the following topics:

  1. The Role of Healthy Pregnancy in the Development of Baby Teeth
  2. Stages of Baby Tooth Development
  3. Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Baby Teeth
  4. Oral Hygiene
  5. Fluoride: Benefits and Proper Use
  6. Where Do Bacteria in the Mouth Come From?
  7. Night Feeding Habits
  8. Early Baby Tooth Decay
  9. Oral Habits
  10. Prevention of Injuries
  11. The Baby’s First Dental Visit
  12. Regular Dental Visits