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For the last three years, we have had the good fortune of applying to tooth structures ozone from our Healozone machine. It has performed beyond our expectations. Ozone enhances the philosophy we embrace of minimally invasive dentistry. Why not treat with the option of ozone that is derived from oxygen? It is a naturally occurring substance that is effective broad spectrum with no toxicity or side effects. In office clinical results has shown that the ozone has recalcified decay close to nerves/ pulpal tissues and allowed us to avoid the need for many root canals and has eliminated many hypersensitive teeth. The ozone cleans the microtubules (highways) to the pulpal tissue, keeping the inflammation and infection to a minimum.

I am happy to share with you that we now have expanded our use of ozone in our practice to its application in our hygiene appointments, periodontal scaling, dental infections, and surgeries and in root canal applications. We have now added ozonated water and medical grade ozone air into our protocols.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer. It consists of three oxygen atoms. In nature, it is found in the atmosphere after a lightning storm and is a result of ultraviolet energy. The negative charged ions help to cleanse the air of dangerous chemicals as a powerful oxidizer. In dentistry, it kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites at a dramatically lower level than chlorine with no side effects. It takes 3,000-10,000 molecules of chlorine to kill pathogenic organisms while it only takes one molecule of ozone to achieve the same result 3,500 times faster!!!!

Ozone is produced in a medical ozone generator taking medical grade oxygen (O2 to O3) in special tubes through a corona discharge reactor. We can generate specific concentrations dependent on its use. In dentistry, we need very low ratios of ozone to oxygen. The ratio is .25 parts of ozone to 99.75 parts oxygen to kill the bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites!

Our goal in dentistry is to enable our patients to have a healthy mouth infection free, so that the body does not have to fight invading bacteria and other microorganisms. We aim to keep the body free from infection; to treat locally is less invasive. Recent research shows from Scripps Institute in La Hoya, California that our own antibodies produce ozone internally to kill inflammation.

Our goal in dentistry with ozone and oxygen therapy is to, Eliminate pathogens Restore ideal oxygen metabolism create a healthy ecological intra oral environment Increase circulation activate the immune system.

The ozonated water and oxygen/ozone gas is utilized in office, and for home use the ozonated olive oil can be, applies after one's full oral hygiene regiment. Ozonated ice cubes are also available to take home to defrost for oral rinses post surgery as ozonated water has a shelf life of 6-8 hours. Your feedback is appreciated.

For excellent health,
Drs. Dana, Bernie, Urusa, Leyla, David, and Team

Dr. Dana Colson Dr. Urusa Ansari Dr. Bernie Gryfe Dr. Leyla Emami Dr. Nazanin Abbasi Dr. Elly Tehrani

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