The Beauty of Whitening Your Smile
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Today white smiles are becoming the norm; the saying 'the older we get the more yellow our teeth become' is no longer true. Everyone deserves to have their smile as their best feature, and white teeth do not only belong to young people.

Our smile is the entrance to our body, why wouldn't we want our smile to be bright, energetic, and cosmetically appealing? If a front door of a house is warped or the paint is chipped, we make assumptions about the condition of the house. When we put on a white shirt we feel clean and crisp. A white smile also portrays the same energy. I believe that if we have yellow teeth, it gives a downward "mustardy" look, rather than when the teeth match the whites of our eyes. We then look brighter, more vital, and younger. I haven't in the past 8 years met anyone who has said they'll rather have their original "yellow" teeth back. Maintenance on keeping one's teeth white is minimal, and varies with the individual.

The following methods are available to lighten your teeth:

1. Drugstore products
Seldom achieve ideal results and are time consuming

2. In-office products –
There are a variety of strengths of whitening dependent on the individual. Semi-customized trays are available as well as customized trays, to insure the best results. This is achieved during the day for 1½ hrs. or during nighttime wear of 4-5 hrs. while sleeping. Significant changes can occur as soon as 3-4 sessions and may take 10-14 applications. a) Over the counter crest white strips 6x's stronger than those in drugstores b) TresWhite Opalesence self application of preformed trays c) Customized Whitening Trays (this is what we highly recommend)

3. In-office chair side Zoom Whitening
Can lighten teeth 8-10 shades lighter within a two hour session. We strongly advise home whitening to follow in-office whitening to maximize and maintain one's results. When we like what we see in the mirror, and feel our smile is vibrant we release internal endorphins which creates a "feel good" energy and enables us to have a happier and more productive day.

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